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Pictures are nice, but there is nothing like video to really show off! Watch the people on the streets of Toronto fight for the beauty of the web. Tonight is the last night to try the on-site game yourself, we’ll meet you corner Richmond W & John from 9PM to midnight.

If you can’t make it tonight, try it out on your favorite browser and take some time to play with Internet Explorer 9 and see the difference for yourself.

Thank you Metrik for the video.

There are a lovely ladies in nice dresses and heels, there are children and people with mohawks, everyone is having fun with our interactive screen, you even get to see the names of the people at home you have hit! What are you waiting for to join us?

We were lucky enough to play the game at our testing session. Our downtown Toronto event will be bigger and better! Bigger screen, more opponents and you get to compete against everyone playing at home on the Battle for Beauty website.

So don’t be shy, let us know you are attending on our Facebook event page. Bring all your friends!

This Friday and Saturday, team up with “Internet Explorer 9” to fight “Mr. Clutter”, the “Peeping-Tom” and the “Eternal Loadworm.” Join us corner of Richmond West & John in downtown Toronto to battle it out on site! Online gamers can play at

Remember to add the Battle for Beauty  to your Facebook calendar.

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